Blog entry for Sunday, 9/6

6 09 2009

So who else upgraded to Snow Leopard 10.6? Anyone? I did….installed it on three of our Macs and thus far it has been phenomenal as far as speed, but there have been some other (ahem) hiccups.

1) Flip4Mac WMV viewer doesn’t like Snow Leopard AT ALL. However, the folks at Telestream have been gracious enough to provide us Snow Leopard folks with a beta of their Snow Leopard compatible version of Flip4Mac. I don’t open/view WMV files a lot but when I do, it’s nice to be able to do it in Quicklook and/or Quicktime. I do recommend VLC Player as a backup, though. ::rattling fingers on desk::

2) Quicklook + .MPG files are not the best of friends, either. For instance, Quicklook (QL for short) will open just about anything you throw at it, however, do not open too many MPG files in succession, or while one is still playing and quickly flip to another video. It just doesn’t like it, period. What happens is the Finder will eventually just hang, necessitating a Relaunch which isn’t the biggest inconvenience in the world, but still a bug. I never had this problem under Leopard, and have been able to replicate it on another one of my Macs as well. ::bangs head on desk::

3) Microsoft Office 2008 needed a re-install b/c it just kept crashing, esp. in Notebook view. I haven’t had the time/patience to re-install it yet but I’m getting there. Since iWork ’09 is my daily driver, I’m not in any hurry. At least I know I’m not the only one w/ this issue. ::head is bleeding on desk::

Lastly, I think I should mention one thing that needs to be addressed….. This Update vs. Clean Install debate needs to be put to rest b/c most of us (80% or greater) that use our Macs on a pretty demanding schedule do not have the time to re-install an OS. Apple knows this and has made it very easy to do the upgrade to Snow Leopard.

All in all, it’s definitely worth the $29 upgrade but maybe not right now……wait until the first update is available if you can.




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