AppleTV, cracking Macbook… grrr!

8 09 2009

Well, as it turns out….our illustrious AppleTV is on the blink again.  This is the third time I’ve done a factory restore on the thing and it’s still acting up.  I’m going to take it in to the Apple Store tomorrow and get it taken care of….once and for all.  First, the AppleTV cannot decide what resolution it wants to use…. 720p….1080i….1080p….720p….1080p….back to 720p…. GRRR!!!

At best, I figured the AppleTV was just finicky, but this has gone way beyond finicky… we are seeing that if we change source on our TV set (HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, Component1, etc.etc.), the AppleTV (on HDMI1) will whig-out and not come back, necessitating a complete hard reset.  Can’t do much about it except just reset and restore….well, not no more (hey, I rhymed something!).  I guess it doesn’t help that Mrs. Guapo’s white Macbook is cracking again….we just had it in the store 5 months ago for a complete plastic “surgery”, they replaced ALL the plastics…..bottom, top, lid, etc.  A month ago, her screen had to be replaced b/c it was unusually dim….she would have to have it on full brightness to be readable.  To their credit, they have fixed everything we have taken in almost hassle-free.  We’re optimistic this will be an easy fix, but I’m always skeptical.

Last night, we’re on the couch and she brings me her notebook….sure enough, cracks along the front.  The bad part is she starts work this week (teacher) and needs her computer this week more than ever.  We’ll see how well they fix it this time, and how quickly.




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