Satire: How “horrible” was HP service….oh my.

9 03 2011

I just got a brand spankin’ new HP DV7 notebook. Thus far, I love it and it handles everything I throw at it (metaphorically speaking, of course).

When I started using the computer, I noticed that the Optical DVD/BD drive made a strange sound when ejecting….almost a grinding sound….so after a few days, I called up HP support.  I spoke to a nice young woman in N. America who had me take the drive out, test it, and verify it was the drive and not the computer itself.  When we verified it was indeed the drive, she FedEx’d me a replacement drive.  I called on Saturday, the shipment notification was on Monday, I got the drive Tuesday—it came pretty quick.

I’d be lying if I said it was anything more than 5min to replace the drive. As the nice young HP lady told me, it was “designed” to be taken apart and worked on—as is the case with the optical drive that went bad. 5 screws to remove the bottom, and one to remove the drive itself—all told it took 6-8min to have it apart and put back together.  Very fast, and there was a return label in the box.  I dropped it off at FedEx on my way to campus. Smile

The new drive works great and I’ve been burning discs just fine. The moral of all this?

– Minor inconvenience

– Zero Downtime

I could have taken the computer back to Sam’s Club but I thought—”why?” The screen is perfect, no dead pixels, everything else is running fine….if they can send me the drive, why the hell not?!

Conversely, this was absolutely not my experience with Apple, which required either their illustrious depot to repair even the slightest of things, or one of their “Mac Genius” people to do. If this had been Apple, I would have had to wait for a box to send it in, ship the box, wait for them to fix, and to send it back. Not like I’ve had any experience with that or anything….. Annoyed

Anyway, that’s all for now.




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