PlayStation Move: Goodbye FPS Mouse+Keyboard!

26 05 2011

Far be it from me to shrill for any one company, device, or product. Sony certainly is no exception but in the case of the PlayStation Move (PSM), I have to admit I’m impressed. Color me surprised when I opened up my X-Mas ‘10 present and found a PSM wrapped and ready to rumble. We already had a Nintendo Wii but last year when I read that Killzone 3 was coming with Move support, I had a minute bit of interest in how it would pan out.

When I first set up the Move, I thought, “Ok, it’s Wii-ish, but the camera is intriguing.” The Sports Champions game that comes with it is a lot like Nintendo Wii Sports with two very notable exceptions:

a) Graphics and sound are obviously better

b) You can’t cheat with PSM like you can with the Wii mote.

Example. When you’re swinging your axe down on someone, you have to carry through the entire stroke, otherwise it stops right where you stop. Yes—it’s that accurate.

The one thing I take away from the PSM vs. Wii is that the Wii mote is bordered to the screen while the PSM isn’t. When you move the cursor or crosshairs off of the screen in a WII game, it loses you completely. However, the PSM can keep going because of the wide-angle camera that tracks the lighted ball on the end of the controller.

The most noticeable difference is when playing Sports Champions, and of course…(wait for it) Killzone 3.

Killzone 3 was made for the Move, or vice-versa. They fit together like hand-in-glove, and not like some post-production patch (ala Heavy Rain) that makes you do silly gestures and that is “motion gaming.” No no no…this what twitch FPS fans will appreciate. Having cut my teeth on the Call of Duty and MoH franchises on the PC, I felt that using a controller was a step backward when playing FPS. The Move changes all of that.

The Sharpshooter attachment (MSRP $30) does one thing, and does it very well: it makes your shots more accurate, especially when the controller is vibrating. You also get a more comfortable grip on the game when shooting rifles or trying to take prone positions. However, playing without it is akin to playing with a wireless mouse that has twitch-ready accuracy. You can turn off vibrations but it takes away from the game. I find that when playing Campaign, I like to use the Sharpshooter; when I am playing multiplayer, I like to go sans-Sharpshooter unless it’s a sniper match.  To each their own.

Anyway, this is my true pick for anyone who is a FPS fan. I’m loving it on Killzone 3….it’s almost an unfair advantage when playing people who are on controllers. You decide. Winking smile PlayStation Move Starter Bundle: Video Games




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